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From the Wine Route

Get to know the destinations that make up the Guanajuato wine route - Independence Valley


Comonfort is one of the 6 Magical Towns of Guanajuato, a destination where you will fall in love with its colonial treasures and its scenic landscape, know how the indigenous and the colonial are manifested in its religious celebrations and its great gastronomic legacy through its traditional cooks.
In Comonfort there is a great variety of handicrafts such as clay comales, pottery, reed pieces and its famous molcajetes made with volcanic stone, which you can learn about through the workshops of the artisans.

There is a culinary jewel, the ceremonial tortilla, associated with gratitude for the harvest and used in patron saint festivities to pay respect and gratitude. This tortilla is stamped with mesquite wood stamps and inked with muicle, a plant with purple tones that complement the ritual to achieve this ancestral offering, elaborated for more than 200 years.

One of the must-see places to visit is the exclusive textile factory that used to make cashmere suits in the community of Soria, where you can fall in love with this picturesque place.

Dolores Hidalgo Cradle of Independence

In Dolores Hidalgo, every corner has a history and countless legends; in the neighboring haciendas and in the historic center, the sound of Cura Hidalgo's voice still seems to be heard when he gave the Cry of Independence, and in its streets always sound the songs of his prodigal son: José Alfredo Jiménez.
What makes this Magic Town unique are its colors, its traditions, its vineyards, its ancestral gastronomy, its ceramics, such as Talavera or Mayolica, with techniques of diverse colors that keep alive a centennial tradition; as well as the songs of the Son of the People, without leaving aside the incomparable snows of Dolores.
In the surroundings of the city you can visit important sites such as the colorful and imposing mausoleum in honor of José Alfredo Jiménez in the municipal cemetery, being the only one in the cemetery that faces west. This, in honor of his song "Y me iré con el sol, cuando muera la tarde"; the historic hacienda of La Erre or El Llanito, a perfect place to learn about the Otomí gastronomy that is still preserved.
Dolores Hidalgo also stands out for being an enotourism destination, the activities related to the vine are present in each of its vineyards, as well as in the Guanajuato Wine Museum, which is the second museum dedicated exclusively to the enological activity in the state of Guanajuato.


San Miguel de Allende

The best city to live in Guanajuato is San Miguel de Allende. This World Heritage City stands out for its harmonious colonial, baroque and neo-gothic architecture, with its colorful cobblestone streets and colonial-style mansions, being one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico.
Among its outstanding tourist attractions, the Charco del Ingenio, located a few minutes from the municipal capital, is a Botanical Garden and an extraordinary Natural Reserve, endowed with a great biodiversity, with an extensive botanical collection of cacti and other Mexican succulent plants, many of them rare, threatened or endangered.
Considered as the Sistine Chapel of Mexico, the Sanctuary of Atotonilco has an immense artistic and architectural value, with its altarpieces, oil paintings, sculptures and murals. This is the origin of the Guadalupan banner that Miguel Hidalgo waved at the beginning of the War of Independence. On July 8, 2008, Unesco included the Sanctuary in the list of World Heritage Sites.
San Miguel de Allende is majestic, imposing, unpredictable and endless, the experience is built on small details in this city. A mandatory stop is the parish of San Miguel, which has become a must-see in the municipality.
Among its streets you can discover old mansions with unique decorations, squares and churches; where their facades stand out, which are the best opportunity to photograph the visit to this city.
Visitors to San Miguel can enjoy a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, as well as dozens of art galleries, bars, restaurants, cafes and boutique restaurants, where you can undoubtedly live and feel the essence of Mexico through its flavors, colors, aromas and landscapes.