Guanajuato Wines Win Medals at the Brussels 2023 World Competition

G a n a n V i n o s G u a n a j u a t e n s e s M e d a l l a s e n e l C o n c u r s o M u n d i a l d e B r u s e l a s 2 0 2 3


Wine from the State of Guanajuato is once again on the lips of experts from the international wine sector, a jury that recognized the great quality of the Guanajuato beverage by awarding 6 medals at the 30th edition of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB).

Every year the CMB, one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world, is held in a destination around the world and brings together a panel of wine experts (buyers, journalists, wine merchants, winemakers, etc.) to blind taste labels of different nationalities.

This year's 30th edition, which took place from May 12-14 in Poreč (Croatia), managed to evaluate more than 7,500 wines from almost 50 countries around the world; however, less than 30% of the wines submitted were awarded prizes. Among the winners were wines from all five continents, including all the historic wine-producing countries, but also from more surprising origins such as India, Kazakhstan and Albania.

Guanajuato is already a "client" of this famous competition. Without fear, Guanajuato wine producers submit their labels to a rigorous tasting and qualification process where aroma, flavor and balance are evaluated, mainly.

In this 30th edition, Guanajuato left a good taste in the mouth with its wines by achieving a Grand Gold medal for: Tres Raíces Pinot Noir 2021, from Vinícola Tres Raíces; a Gold medal for San Miguel de Allende Syrah 2021, from Bodegas de Vino San Miguel de Allende SA de CV; a Gold medal for Rinconcillo de Los Remedios Cabernet Franc 2020, from Bodegas Los Remedios.

And 3 Silver medals for: Cuna de Tierra Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, from Manga Bodegas Vega -RL SPR; Gran Pago de Vega 2018, from Manga Bodegas Vega -RL SPR; and Tres Raíces Tempranillo 2020, from vinícola Tres Raíces.

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