Los Nogales Cabins Dolores Hidalgo Guanajuato Mexico 

Comfortable and cozy for your well-being and peace of mind. 

A place of history and nature, we are in a Hacienda of the seventeenth century and it was visited by Cura Hidalgo, Father of the Homeland. And we have a forest more than 200 years old and in this place there is a tree, son of the Tree of the sad night where Hernandez Cortez had his defeat.

Our cabins have a fireplace, living room and bathroom, terrace, equipped kitchen and barbecue. In our experience we offer vineyard tour with wine tasting or visit to Cavas Manchon with wine tasting or wine museum tour with wine tasting. Lunch at the Italian restaurant Damonica, visit to the historic center, snow tasting, bonfire plus dinner and a glass of wine from the region, the lodging includes breakfast and the tour to the forest.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a tour among the vineyards, which will open your senses and
emotions. Cuna de Tierra invites you to live a unique experience where you can delight your senses through its wines, architecture and gastronomy based on local products.



" V i n o y N a t u r a l e z a e n G u a n a j u a t o : T r a v e s í a p o r e l V a l l e d e l a I n d e p e n d e n c i a "

Dolores Hidalgo

"Discover the Taste of History on the Guanajuato Wine Route, where Independence and Wine Meet in a Perfect Embrace."