Best Bookkeeping Software for Small Business 2023

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Get an instant view of cash in and out to help you monitor the numbers and the performance of your small business. Your information is synced across all your devices so you can always access your data wherever you are, on whichever device you’d prefer. Know instantly when a client has viewed their invoice or when an invoice has become overdue so you can always stay on top of your business. “It’s not just a cool piece of software, it is giving peace of mind to people.” You deserve to know your taxes aren’t something you have to sweat over the entire calendar year.”

How to choose accounting software

You need to maintain the historical records contained in your free program as you make the shift to a new application. Plan for that process ahead of time by leveraging a program that will let you seamlessly export and migrate those existing records to a paid platform. But apart from those issues, Zoho Books is a pretty sound application.

Say Hello to Effortlessly Organized Books

Plus, desktop versions are just easier to read—with a bigger screen, it’s easier to see your program’s navigation and options and to read reports. QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular bookkeeping software choices in the US. Its comprehensive reports are easy for first-time business owners to generate and understand, and it offers more thorough reporting than just about any other software out there. In spite of its excellent reports and recurring invoices, though, FreshBooks falls short in a few bookkeeping areas. Most notably, its cheapest plan doesn’t include double-entry bookkeeping or free accountant access.

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

book keeping app

A bookkeeping service can help you stay organized and on top of your finances. Ignite Spot Accounting is best for businesses that want bookkeepers who are certified in popular bookkeeping programs. Botkeeper is best for accounting firms that want to scale by automating bookkeeping tasks. From Profit & Loss to the Sales Tax Summary, FreshBooks gives you standard business reports to help you understand your business’ health. Better yet, you can even easily download the reports to share with your accountant. If you’re ready to embrace the wave of cloud computing, assess your small business, find areas where your workflow is cluttered and inefficient, and choose a cloud partner that can give you a boost.

Everything Your Accountant Needs…and More

You may determine if any payments are due, submit them, and record them in the financial ledger. As a bookkeeper, you may also receive client payments and deposit them at your company’s financial institution. Small businesses may prefer to handle their books themselves, but hiring a professional bookkeeper can be helpful.


book keeping app

Check out our review of the year’s best free accounting software to find budget-friendly bookkeeping. If you’re a new user, you can opt for either a 30-day free trial or how are the balance sheet and income statement connected sign up to get your first three months for 50% off. Note that you can’t take advantage of both options—if you choose one, you waive the other (as per industry standard).

FreshBooks also automatically tracks expenditures and scans, logs, and categorizes receipts with a user-friendly interface to make expense tracking easier. Zoho Invoice is a full-featured invoicing software that includes premium features, such as time tracking, customer portal, and receipt scanning. We included it in our roundup because it’s the perfect mobile accounting app for users who need to send invoices, bill time worked to clients, and track expenses for free. Although it’s not full accounting software, we believe it’s a good pick for those who are only looking for a way to send invoices on the go. As an online cloud-based accounting software, QuickBooks Online was made specifically for non-accountants (unlike the clunkier QuickBooks Desktop, which was made for accountants). Plus, if you spend more time traveling to on-site jobs and less time sitting in front of a computer, QuickBooks Online includes a fantastic mobile accounting app.

You can filter reports by date, customer, vendor, item and other fields. You can also customize the visual layout of your reports using graphs, charts and maps. Along the top of the interface is a menu with options such as “business,” “accounting,” “projects” and “contacts.” When you click a menu option, you are given a list of options. For example, when you click “projects,” you are given the option to go to your list of projects or a report of staff cost rates. Once I had completed the action, I could click the X on the action item to remove it from the to-do list.

  1. You can filter reports by date, customer, vendor, item and other fields.
  2. The drawback to using apps over software is that most apps only do so much.
  3. This makes it ideal for all kinds of small businesses and even medium to large businesses that need business accounting, inventory management, payroll capabilities, or financial reporting on the go.
  4. Most steps offer step-by-step guidance so you always know what to do next.
  5. While there is some overlap between bookkeeping and accounting, several factors distinguish these processes, as we explore in the table below.

So finding free accounting software that can connect with your credit cards and bank accounts to help automate that process is always a good call when exploring your options. With this premise, Zoho Books is our best overall mobile accounting app because of its topnotch mobile functionality and seamless integration with the iOS environment. FreeAgent has all the basics of good accounting apps and software, including on-the-go receipt capturing, invoicing, and billing.

Reviews offer firsthand accounts of an app’s functionality and performance from real users. Giving you an idea of users’ overall satisfaction with the product, you can determine if it suits your needs. Like its name suggests, open-source software is open to the public, meaning anyone can access and tweak its code. This makes it more customizable than typical closed-source, or proprietary, software that you purchase, download and work with as-is. Open-source products, like Odoo, are ideal for business owners who know how to code and want to play a hands-on role in customizing the product to fit their business needs. Karrin Sehmbi is a lead content management specialist on the small-business team.